What's new

Iframes and Pop-Ups added to the site 24-12-2022

A page containing an iframe added to the site. This page can be used to become familiar with the iframe element and learn how to find elements within an iframe.

Also, added a page designed to practice working with Pop-Ups.

On the iframe Pop-Up page, there is an opportunity to practice getting information from an iframe located inside the Pop-Up, followed by checking the correctness of obtaining the information.

qa-practice.com launched! 15-12-2022

The initial version of qa-practice.com website has been launched today. Using this site you can practice testing. It is suitable for both automation practice and manual testing.

In the initial version, a small set of elements is available to you: input fields, selects, checkboxes, drag-n-drops, and a couple of others. On the page of each element you will find the requirements for it. Based on these requirements, you can analyze the testing scope.

If you have found bugs or have something to say to the site creator, please use the feedback form.